Meet the Staff of Vintage Auto

Donald - Service Advisor

(864) 292-8785

Donald is the Service Advisor of Vintage Auto, and has 27 years of experience dealing specifically with Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. His interest for Volkswagen was inspired by maintaining his first Volkswagen, a 1967 VW Beetle given to him by his parents when a Senior in high school. Ever since, Donald has been interested in driving, fixing, and selling anything Volkswagen related, and is proud to own his first Volkswagen still today.

David Munsey - Automotive Technician


David Munsey is one of our automotive technicians. He has 17 years of experience with Honda and Acura vehicles, and 10 years of experience with Volkswagen and Audi. He received automotive training in high school, and began his career directly into the dealership environment after graduating high school. He has dealer qualifications involving Honda and Acura vehicles, and has extensive experience with all vehicles serviced at Vintage Auto. He enjoys doing performance modifications on Volkswagen and Honda vehicles.

David Martin - Automotive Technician


David Martin has worked for Vintage Auto since 1998, and is our Air Cooled Volkswagen Specialist, as well as one of our modern VW specialists. Having worked on Volkswagens for 16 years, David has a vast amount of knowledge of the cars we specialize in. David bought his first VW in 1981, a 1969 Beetle. Before working at Vintage Auto, David was a production plant mechanic, and a production line supervisor. In his free time, Martin plays keyboard and harmonica as part of the band Watchtower Incident.